Learning English 101 : Favorite Things

In the second meeting, we were taught by Mr. Felix. We learn about “what your favorite things?”

Mr. Felix, the teacher in this section, gives us instructions on how to express our favorite things.

  • Make a list of what we like
  • Choose 2 of them
  • Draw or take a picture
  • Tell the reason why we like them

…and these are my favorite things.

Favorite things

Two of my favorite things are blog witting and watching Netflix.


Randy Duermyer on thebalancesmb.com describes Blogging as an activity like writing, photography, and other media that’s self-published online.

I like blogging because with blogging I can monitor my live progress and express myself.

Also, blogging makes me always learning to graphics design and online writing.

Watching Netflix

As I said in my previous post, in 2021 I watch very much Netflix movies and series. Watching Netflix makes me happier and gives me entertaining time with many genre movies.

Mr. Felix give me a question: “How much do you watch Netflix in a week?”

I said: ” I’m watching Netflix twice a week. On Monday and Tuesday. Because of the ongoing movie that I watch, shows on that day”.

Okay. Enough for the story, today. See you in the next post 🙂

Featured Photo by Emily Park on Unsplash
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